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Men's 1s

Team Manager: Sophie Speed

England Hockey | Men's Division 1 South

The Men's 1s squad is stacked with talented players, most of whom are past or current junior and senior internationals, having represented their countries at major tournaments such as the Olympic and Commonwealth Games. The team are an established National League side, currently playing in the second highest division in the country. The side is a youthful one, with the majority of players having recently graduated from university, several winning BUCS Gold whilst there. They are a social and ambitious side who are seeking to progress to the highest level of English hockey.

Training times:

Training: Tuesday 20.30 - 22.00 @Kings House and Thursday 19.30-21:00 @ Teddington School

Men's 2s

Captain: Nacho Cookman

London Men's Division 1

The Men's 2s are an ambitious side who hope to progress up the tiers in the coming seasons. The side is a nice blend of ex-university players and our best up and coming colts, with the vast majority of the squad being under 30. The side play a strong brand of hockey, similar to our 1s and adopt the mantra of work hard play hard - as they can regularly be found in the bar most Saturdays after their games. The side is coached by Men's 1s captain Murray Collins and is managed on match days by other Men's 1s players.

Training times:

Training: Wednesday 20.00 -21.30 @ St Mary's

Men's 3s

Captain: Mike Murton/Henry White

London Men's Division 2 South

The Men's 3s are a nice blend of competitive and social hockey. Their matches are of high quality for a 3s team standard. The side is a mix of graduates, juniors and experienced pros who have been around the club for many years. They maintain a strong competitive edge whilst also emphasising heavily the social aspects of the game.

Training times:

Training: Wednesday 20.00 -21.30 @ St Mary's

Men's 4s

Captain: Ali Blanchard

London Men's Division 4 South West

The Men's 4s are a mix of experienced players, social twenty-somethings and colts. They play a competitive but social style of hockey and enjoy off the pitch as much as on it. Its a great side for those who wish to play competitive hockey but still have fun.

Training times:

Training: Tuesday 20.00 -21.30 @ St Mary's

Men's 5s (Oaks)

Captain: Bob Woollins

London Men's Division 5 South West

The Men's 5s, otherwise known as the Oaks, can lay claim to perhaps being the most entertaining side in the section. They play exciting hockey, with games often featuring a large number of goals at both end. The side is a perfect environment to develop our young players. It is a blend of senior players, many of whom are coaches, and our colts taking their first steps into adult hockey. The side has a strong focus on developing colts players for the future.

Training times:

Training: Tuesday 19.45 -21.00 @ Teddington School Floodlit pitch

Men's 6s

Captain: Simon Shannon

London Men's Division 6 South West

The Men's 6s have a strong core squad who have played together for many years. They are an enjoyable side to play in, who have a positive outlook on their hockey despite the result. This side, much like our Oaks side, is the perfect environment for juniors who are taking their first steps into adult hockey.

Training times:

Training: Tuesday 19.45 -21.00 @ Teddington School Floodlit pitch

Men's Tigers

Team Manager: David Barnes


SCHC League

The Tigers, or Super-Vets, are a fine blend of the most experienced players that Teddington Hockey Club has to offer. They have a very strong team spirit, with strong bonds forged for many years on and off the pitch. They are ably managed by David Barnes, who also is their travelling umpire, and are this season captained by Godfrey Nunes. Despite their fitness perhaps not being as good as it once was that does not mean that they have lost their competitive edge - somethin which they also take into the bar after their games.

Training times:

Training: Tuesday 19.45 -21.00 @ Teddington School Floodlit pitch

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