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Teddington's official mouthguard supplier is IMPACT.

Teddington HC is delighted to have partnered with  IMPACT for the 23/24 season to offer gumshields for members, and their team will be coming to the Club on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th September (this coming weekend).


IMPACT is the only company in the world to 3D print gumshields, using a fully digital process, including intra-oral scanning for impressions. 

This means there is no need for putty or boiling water, making the process much cleaner, and independent testing has shown that their gumshields:


- Offer up to 21% more impact absorption;

- Are up to 47% lighter than other custom-fit gumshields; and

- Up to 54% smaller in the mouth, which improves breathing and talking ability.


(by taking the impression electronically, IMPACT also retains all scans on file, so replacement gumshields can be ordered easily in the future)


This short video gives an overview of the process, and by ordering through the club, THC members benefit from:


- FREE digital scan at the club;

- 25% Discount on second gumshields for the same person (for those who would like 2 colours or a spare);

- FREE case with every gumshield; and

- FREE delivery to the club.

Please note that unfortunately we are currently unable to produce gumshields for members with braces / fixed orthodontics on the front of the teeth (this does not include retainers / bars on the back of teeth).

Impact - Logo - Black.png

Teddington HC's official mouthguard supplier.

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