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Welfare Overview
Teddington Hockey Club has a large and thriving Junior Section with nearly 300 members. Not only do we strive to deliver the very highest quality coaching and playing experiences, but we also recognise our responsibility for the welfare of these young players whilst they are in our care training or representing the club.

This section of the site contains the key club policies and general information relating to Welfare and ‘Safeguarding and Protection’ matters. These policies have been written in compliance with the England Hockey Policy document ‘Proud to Protect, Safeguarding the Hockey Family’ that is incorporated into the club constitution.

The Club Welfare Officer (CWO) sits on the Junior and Executive club committees and, on behalf of the club and England Hockey, provides a single point of contact for players, parents, coaches and volunteers for any matter related to the welfare and safeguarding of young players.

The CWO is not associated with any team or coach and is therefore able to offer an independent, confidential and impartial ‘listening ear’ to welfare or safeguarding young people concerns or questions.

The Club Welfare Officer is Philippa Nunn. She can be contacted on:
07973 213376 or  philippanunn@gmail.com


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